Teamcenter , autodesk PLM…and others , why engineers need those softwares?

This is an explanation of PLM concepts for industrial, students and engineers

Introduction to understand Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Actually, corporation operate over several countries : product may be designed in one country, manufactured in onther one, and assemblied in a third one.Furthermore the quantity of information that is passed from one application to another has increased.There is also an in-creasing demand for outstanding functions of products at a low price.To manage this diversity andContinue reading “Introduction to understand Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)”

Project management glossary(2)

Workflow The workflow is The defined series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome. In other words, it is what should be done to successfully mature an object to its desired final state. Workflows are often used to manage the maturation or expediting of an object or process In this example forContinue reading “Project management glossary(2)”

Project Management,Phases and Steps

The PMI (Project Management Institute) suggests that the following knowledge areas comprise Project Manager: •Project Integration •Scope Management •Time Management •Cost Management •Quality Management •Human Resource Management •Communication Management •Risk Management •Procurement Management Innovator PM Phases and Steps To Initiate the Project: 1.Select the Project 2.Define the result 3.Select the Project Manager 4.Select target startContinue reading “Project Management,Phases and Steps”