Teamcenter , autodesk PLM…and others , why engineers need those softwares?

This is an explanation of PLM concepts for industrial, students and engineers


Introduction to understand Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Actually, corporation operate over several countries : product may be designed in one country, manufactured in onther one, and assemblied in a third one.Furthermore the quantity of information that is passed from one application to another has increased.There is also an in-creasing demand for outstanding functions of products at a low price.To manage this diversity andContinue reading “Introduction to understand Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)”

How 3D models are used in engineering?

Digital mock-up tools used widely in industries like automotive, aerospace and nuclear, also in medicine, entertainment and media!

Characterized by being a Heavy weight and complex CAD system, can they be operational to the degree of displaying an entire car DMU from a personal computer?

Why Configuration Management is important?

In 2009, SNCF – responsible for the trains in France – ordered 341 new regional trains larger than the older ones. As the data of many platforms were not updated, the trains were larger than many of them. As a result of this non-accordance between the documents and the reality, 1300 French platforms will undergoContinue reading “Why Configuration Management is important?”

System architecture Vocabulary

In this post you will find some accurate explanations of some common words and acronyms used in data architecture. Server? Server: is a physical hardware that performs tasks on behalf of clients. On the server operates a relational database that stores and manages all the information What Metadata base is for? Metadata base: The taskContinue reading “System architecture Vocabulary”

Geometric Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a reciproc process where you start from the end! as example when you have a shopfloor process already done but without any treacability ! so you start by using suitable modelling language to modelize it . when you have a product and you want to have it geometrical model , this is Continue reading “Geometric Reverse Engineering”