What you should know about product management

This post will explain important words used in project management : Milestone, trade studies,Lifecycle, multirepresentation etc… Using the correct words will give others a good impression about your skills, this post will help you to do so! Document Iteration A new document iteration is made when the electronic file corresponding to a user save operationContinue reading “What you should know about product management”

Project manager definition

What’s project manager definition? what’s the difference between product manager and project manager? Project Manager The project manager according to the product organization is responsible for Product execution and delivery, this contains: Architecture/Platform development engineers Coordinating resources of engineering Applications development engineers Test and validation Planning & Scheduling Project tracking & reporting Meanwihle , productContinue reading “Project manager definition”

What’s process engineer job description?

In this post we will explain the process design, in order to explain process engineer job and Define process engineering discipline. Process design  one of the most important task of a process engineer is processe design;  to conceive the overall shape of processes and to design processes layouts. He has to take into consideration the process volume andContinue reading “What’s process engineer job description?”