A free, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone by Autodesk

Do you know that you can start designing 3d models without required experience? Do you know that you can start designing 3d models without donwloading heavey softwares? yes, free online CAD is an open source solution suitable for beginners, educators , students and artists who wants to make  3D models. Follow thoses steps: Click here, … Continue reading A free, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone by Autodesk


Design Visualization for Architects,every Design Has a Story.

A high-impact visualization can make the difference between winning a bid or walking away empty-handed. Architects, designers, engineers and visualization specialists use Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software to tell emotionally engaging stories of their designs in order to help win competitive bids. In addition, design visualization with 3ds Max Design helps them make more informed … Continue reading Design Visualization for Architects,every Design Has a Story.

مجانا ,تسيير اجهزة الكمبيوتر عن بعد

هل سمعت عن اجهزة التحكم في الكمبيوتر عن بعد؟ هل يحتاج فريقك للعمل على اجهزة كمبيوتر في نفس الوقت؟ هل تريد الوصول لملفاتك على جهازك اينما كنت؟ مشاركتها و ارسالها؟ PC remote يمكنك من ذلك  يسمح للمستخدمين الوصول وإدارة أجهزة الكمبيوتر من أي مكان، ما يلزمك هو الاتي اتصال إنترنت نشط وتطبيق ريموت بس المثبت … Continue reading مجانا ,تسيير اجهزة الكمبيوتر عن بعد

My experience with RemotePC, New Solution to manage faraway computers

Did you forget your PC and put yourself in an emergency situation?, did you find trouble to manage several PCs in one time? do you need to access and manage faraway computers from anywere?  your business need a Remote PC? RemotePC allows users to access and manage faraway computers from anywhere, given that the computer being … Continue reading My experience with RemotePC, New Solution to manage faraway computers

Is Artificial intelligence a threat?

Maybe you have watched one of those science fiction movies : I, robot,The terminator, etc, Is the artificial intelligence a threat for human being? let's read neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris point of view:"It's really a failure to detect a certain kind of danger.I'm going to describe a scenario how the gains we make in artificial intelligence could ultimately … Continue reading Is Artificial intelligence a threat?

How Augmented reality could change surgery?

Context There are two major facts: 70%  of the world's population (5 billions people) lack access to safe surgery care. The information age: The fourth epoch of technological advancement. So How number 2 will help to diminish number 1 intensity ? The information age According to the theories of human social development, we're now living through the fourth … Continue reading How Augmented reality could change surgery?

Improve your negociation skills

The leader must motivate the team members, clarify difficult issues and orchestrate everyone’s efforts. This means exploring alternatives, pushing boundaries, keeping the whole team involved and moving the group toward consensus. The presented post will explain relevant aspects of moderation, argumentation, negotiation and working group in the collaborative distributed design teams. you will learn to: … Continue reading Improve your negociation skills

Improve your communication skills

This post will help you to : Understand types of communication skills communicate with experts from different fields know how to monitor communication transmission know to recognize and avoid /diminish misunderstanding in communication Individuals have various preferences for both communicating with others and interpreting the communications from others. Numerous models have been developed which describe … Continue reading Improve your communication skills

See what you can buy with one dollar at Gearbest

What can you buy for a dollar online ? here's a list of product price's less than 1 dollar based on the promotion displayed by GearBest: NB: see more details and wider range: Go now to Gearbest website : Gearbest Merchant Stores From Just $0.99 Deli 7003 0.5mm 2B Pencil Lead 20PCS,$0.792 in 1 Plug Holder … Continue reading See what you can buy with one dollar at Gearbest

Free useful tools for project and data management

If you need to plan meetings, to use cloud storage, backup your data, here's a list of free useful tools that help you to organize your work! To help to organize meeting and see people availabilities : http://www.doodle.com Video confercing : www.ivci.com/services/video-conferencing/ Free back up and sync ( 5GB free) : http://www.idrive.com/p=alitechno, please if you choose to … Continue reading Free useful tools for project and data management

Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro

Autodesk offers a promotion of 20 % till 16 January 2018, this promotion concerns the following products: Autocad (read how to download free trial for students and educators) Revit LT Suite  Autocad is a well known software for 3D design , simulation and analysis , read more about 3D design at why engineering use 3D model … Continue reading Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro

English Idioms-شرح باللغة العربية

و هي جمل مقابلة للاستعارة في اللغة العربية Idiomsفيما يلي شرح لمجموعة من A perfect storm The worst possible situation. !هذه الاستعارة يعنى بها اسوا الاحتمالات التي يمكن ان تقع.  استعملت هذه الاستعارة كعنوان لفيلم . في هذا الفيلم مات البطل نتيجة تعرض سفينته لعاصفة بحرية مع حدوث مجموعة من الظروف التي صعبت عملية الانقاذ … Continue reading English Idioms-شرح باللغة العربية

Want to learn about 3d rapid prototyping, come here!

  Rapid prototyping is a very useful tool that helps designer to evaluate the product in the earlier stages, in fact,  the physical models are made during all stages of product development (conception stage, geometry modelling, design optimisation, manufacturing and assembly design) wereas, the traditional prototyping process comes in the end stage of product development after all … Continue reading Want to learn about 3d rapid prototyping, come here!

Corel CAD 2018 VS AutoCAD 2018

Corel, a software company has released his last CorelCAD version (2018),  2D and 3D Computer aided design software. CorelCAD, developped by ARES has provided compatibility with iOS, Corelcad comes with a set of enhacement and new features includes: Enhancement of 3D solid modeling editing New Helix tool that allows users to create 2D spirals and 3D helixes New … Continue reading Corel CAD 2018 VS AutoCAD 2018

Virtual reality VS augmented reality

Virtual reality is more than video and Xbox games, its used are over differents domains especially in design.( if you want to know more read What do you need to know about virtual reality? What's augmented reality and what's the difference between augmented and virual reality? Augmented VS Virtual Reality Augmented reality = Virtual reality + reality … Continue reading Virtual reality VS augmented reality

Autocad 2018 introduced for Mac

Software company Autodesk has released the latest version of Autocad, its 3D design software. Autocad 2018  come with new features and enhancements including external reference path repair, Autodesk introduces autocad 2018 for Mac. Autodesk allows to migrate custom files and settings from AutoCAD 2017 for Mac Enhancement in Autocad 2018 includes: PDF import including  SHX font files External … Continue reading Autocad 2018 introduced for Mac

Functional Analysis-concept and tools

As mentioned in the previous post ,functional analysis is a method to define the needs the product has to answer and to help experss the specifications. Functional analysis tools The "animals with horn" is a tool to help the user to define the specifications. The head of the animal represents the product to be designed. … Continue reading Functional Analysis-concept and tools

What is knowledge management and why is it important?

"knowledge management caters to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it embodies organizational processes that seek synergistic combination of -data and information processing capacity of information technologies, -and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings"  This is a strategic view of Knowledge Management … Continue reading What is knowledge management and why is it important?

Is Google chrome using our device to mine Cryptocurrency secretly?

With the increasing value of bitcoin, many websites mine cryptocurrency without visitors awarness, such as movies streaming movies websites .one technique is to use a program known as CoinHive. Has google chrome  joined this party? According to a post on Bleeping Computer, a Google Chrome extension named archive poster with over  105,000 users has hijacked CPUs users to mine … Continue reading Is Google chrome using our device to mine Cryptocurrency secretly?

How 3D models are used in engineering?

Digital mock-up tools used widely in industries like automotive, aerospace and nuclear, also in medicine, entertainment and media!

Characterized by being a Heavy weight and complex CAD system, can they be operational to the degree of displaying an entire car DMU from a personal computer?

Additive manufacturing predictions for 2018: beautiful promises

Experts predict three essential elements about 3D printing industry. Increased markets the metal quality used in 3D printing will be improved The polymers will be also improved Increased markets The number of countries investing in 3D printing will increase,according to According to Michelle Bockman, global head of 3D printing commercial expansion and development for HP Inc, the … Continue reading Additive manufacturing predictions for 2018: beautiful promises

كيفية تحميل أوتوكاد 2018 مجانا

أوتوديسك يوفرمجموعة من البرمجيات تستخدم في المجالات التالية:الهندسة ,الترفيه,التصنيع والهندسة المعمارية  والصناعات. أوتوديسك يوفر دروسا في التصميم وبرامج مجانية للطلاب والمعلمين. فهو يوفر لك (الطالب أو المعلم) إمكانية لتحميل مجانا البرامج التي تحتاج إليها :و في مايلي شرح لاستعمالات عدد من هذه البرامج مايا ود 3 ماكس: تصميم ثلاثي الابعاد، والرسوم المتحركة وأدوات المحاكاة لصنع محتوى … Continue reading كيفية تحميل أوتوكاد 2018 مجانا

How to download free Autocad 2018

Autodesk provides a package of softwares for media, entertainment engineering,  manufacturing, architecture, building, construction and industries.It's one of the leaders of 3D  design, engineering and entertainment software. Autodesk brings support , training, classes on demand and Free Softwares for students and teachers. It gives you ( student or teacher) the possiblity to download for free the … Continue reading How to download free Autocad 2018

توقعات مستقبل الطباعة الثلاثية الابعاد لسنة 2018

يتوقع خبراء ان تعرف الطباعة الثلاثية الابعاد انتشارا  صناعيا, زيادة في الانتاج  و تطورا في صلابة و جودة المعادن المستعملة كمواد أولية في هذه الطباعة انتشار  صناعي وفقا لميشيل بوكمان، رئيس شركة الطباعة الثلاثية الابعاد*ستشهد  الطباعة الثلاثية الابعاد توسعا تجاريا ، و زيادة اعتماد سوف يتخذ الشكل التالي، وفقا لبوكمان: "الطباعة الصناعية الثلاثية الابعاد ستتوسع إلى … Continue reading توقعات مستقبل الطباعة الثلاثية الابعاد لسنة 2018

What do you need to know about virtual reality?

Virtual reality brings together technologies that enable the immersion of one or multiple users in a symbolic or imaginary world drawing inspiration of the real world.[Fuchs 1996] In my opinion there are several things one need to know about virtual reality :, the domains that support the virtual reality , the domains of virtual reality … Continue reading What do you need to know about virtual reality?

What’s Maya Autodesk for?

Maya is a software used to create 3D virtual mock up,simulation, motion graphics, 3D animation, dynamics and effects and 3D rendering and shading. What's new in 2018? Maya 2018 provides improvement and new tools that helps users to work faster. New: UV editor workflow, look, and feel New: Clump modifier for interactive grooming New: After … Continue reading What’s Maya Autodesk for?

Why doctors need CAD tools?

Not only engineers and designers who need CAD tools ,nowdays, also doctors need CAD tools too ! Away from industrial purposes like: "customer satisfaction" , manufacturing optimisation and mastering product complexity, the Digital Mock-up (DMU) tools are used to help fighting diseases and improve human being health. Hre we will see how how Complex and accurate … Continue reading Why doctors need CAD tools?

What is the best cryptocurrency to buy before 2018?

I made some research regarding this question: What is the best crypto currency to buy before 2018? I found many answers suggesting hundreds of cryptocurrencies , which one is the best ?in facr, It is very difficult to say which cryptocurrency is the best for an investment.In fact ,before investing one should do his own research and form … Continue reading What is the best cryptocurrency to buy before 2018?

What’s integrated design?

Integrated design is based on concurrent engineering principles. All stakeholders have to work together throughout the whole design process. So they can exchange and take common decision. The process emerges step by step by the introduction of constraints by stakeholders. Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively … Continue reading What’s integrated design?

What’s concurrent engineering development model?

Concurrent engineering is defined as “a systematic approach to the integrated, simultaneous design of products and their related processes, including manufacture and support. This approach is intended to cause the developers, from the outset, to consider all elements of the product life cycle from conception through disposal, including quality, cost, schedule, and user requirements” Why … Continue reading What’s concurrent engineering development model?

How CAD helps electronics Designers

The product have been developped and become more and more a complexe system, so electronics design need to follow this developpement and master data over product complexity. They need to see their printed circuit board (PCB) designs in a 3D model  as they need a larger perspective. These are three reasons why CAD will be … Continue reading How CAD helps electronics Designers

HOLIDAY SALE! Graphics, productivity, photo & video editing software! Offer ends within two days

Discount on Graphics, productivity, photo & video editing softwares by the following editors: Magix, Cyberlink and Corel ,till 26 december 2017. Corel is developer of graphics, productivity, photo & video editing software with more than 100 million users. Corel's portfolio includes: Jasc Software, InterVideo & Ulead Top Sellers: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Paintshop Pro (Photo Editing) … Continue reading HOLIDAY SALE! Graphics, productivity, photo & video editing software! Offer ends within two days

Why using 3D models in aerospace?- Essential keys-

3D Models are used in aerospace in different domains. Master geometry and Space allocation are essential keys of the 3D models , so what's a master geometry and what's it role? Context We know that complexe and big project like airplane manufacturing require several teams to work on the same time in different workstations over … Continue reading Why using 3D models in aerospace?- Essential keys-

Top three of cryptocurrencies fall today

Bitcoin , Ethereum and Bitcoin cash has plunged this morning at the average of -20%. Not only thoses cryptocurrencies , but , all ather altcoins except the Ripple currency!  May be it still unclear the reasons behind, but ,some suspect a bad news coming from china ... Bitcoin Bitcoin plunged more than twenty percent to … Continue reading Top three of cryptocurrencies fall today

Why using 3D models in aerospace?

What are the domains using 3D models in aerospace? What are the benefits from using 3D models?  If this is the first time you read about digital mock-up click here for more explanations about this subject. Domains using the 3D model (digital mock-up) In aerospace industry, the digital mock-up is used in different domains during … Continue reading Why using 3D models in aerospace?

A guide to understand Industry 4.0

In the context of internet of things, cyber-physical, Digital mock-up, virtual reality , automation and so on, industry 4.0 has emerged as a concept to design the transformation that khows the factories using those technology in term of  automation and data exchange . Industry 4.0 concept has created what is called smart factory. Slight History Here's an … Continue reading A guide to understand Industry 4.0

Project manager definition

What's project manager definition? what's the difference between product manager and project manager? Project Manager The project manager according to the product organization is responsible for Product execution and delivery, this contains: Architecture/Platform development engineers Coordinating resources of engineering Applications development engineers Test and validation Planning & Scheduling Project tracking & reporting Meanwihle , product … Continue reading Project manager definition

What’s process engineer job description?

In this post we will explain the process design, in order to explain process engineer job and Define process engineering discipline. Process design  one of the most important task of a process engineer is processe design;  to conceive the overall shape of processes and to design processes layouts. He has to take into consideration the process volume and … Continue reading What’s process engineer job description?

Why Configuration Management is important?

In 2009, SNCF – responsible for the trains in France – ordered 341 new regional trains larger than the older ones. As the data of many platforms were not updated, the trains were larger than many of them. As a result of this non-accordance between the documents and the reality, 1300 French platforms will undergo … Continue reading Why Configuration Management is important?

What are the most important cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain technology has led to "Bitcoin", now days Bitcoin has reached the value of more than 12000 dollars ( at the time of writing this post) so what's Bitcoin and what are the most important cryptocurrencies? What's Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency which's decentrailzed and not controlled by any government or institution. it's send … Continue reading What are the most important cryptocurrencies?

What’s a Blockchain?

Bitcoin has now acheived the value of 10 000 dollars. when talking about bitcoin comes the blockchain, so what's a blockchain? Current institutional structures are drastically challenged by the rate of change of society, technology and the environment which far outstrips their capacity to adapt. Governments and international organizations are losing their legitimacy to competition … Continue reading What’s a Blockchain?

Are there methods to be creative?

How a team works in order to developp new products? Is there method to make someone  create new ideas? How innovation and new ideas can be generated ? How they work in crearive sessions?  In fact there are lot of methods used in development and research services in order to lead their teams to developp … Continue reading Are there methods to be creative?

Why being an engineer may be frustrating

Recently I read a letter from a singapore school administration to the parents of students .At the end of this letter was written: "Please, do not think that engineers and doctors are  the only happy people in the world". In fact lot of engineers I know are frustrated and really not happy! Parents always want for … Continue reading Why being an engineer may be frustrating

System architecture Vocabulary

In this post you will find some accurate explanations of some common words and acronyms used in data architecture. Server? Server: is a physical hardware that performs tasks on behalf of clients. On the server operates a relational database that stores and manages all the information What Metadata base is for? Metadata base: The task … Continue reading System architecture Vocabulary

What’s frustrating about 3D printing

The mass market considering 3D printers good for any task/creation.There's prediction that the 3D printer will  widespread in every industry and house! regarding the low cost of some 3D printers ,some optimistics predict that it will be a piece of cake of everybody to create items with 3D printer!is it true? !  The 3D printing or … Continue reading What’s frustrating about 3D printing

Geometric Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a reciproc process where you start from the end! as example when you have a shopfloor process already done but without any treacability ! so you start by using suitable modelling language to modelize it . when you have a product and you want to have it geometrical model , this is  … Continue reading Geometric Reverse Engineering

Engineering Vocabulary

Here are some concepts and acronyms explanation that helps everyone intersted in engineering and technology. Virtual Manufacturing A virtual manufacturing means the implementation of digital technologies that allow modeling, simulation, collaboration, verification, interaction and validation of the design product and the manufacturing process. Ubiquitous Manufacturing To have the capability of real time traceability, visibility and … Continue reading Engineering Vocabulary

How product goes from Craddle to grave

What are the keys aspect of a product life cycle? The Product or System Life Cycle comprises all phases that the product or system goes through from the Idea to its End-of-Life and Revival. The principal phases that a product or system typically runs through in its life cycle are Design, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customization, and … Continue reading How product goes from Craddle to grave

3D Printing technology and benefit

3D Printing or additive manufacturing is a thechnology that creates physical prototypes of 3D solids from their digital models. Here are some examples of additive manufacturing products: How to create the physical products? Additive manufacturing processes differ  depending on the material and machine technology  used. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) group define … Continue reading 3D Printing technology and benefit

Simulated Reality

Simulated reality is an old concept that allows people to get involved into a virtual world called simulation. this concept has a huge application in diffent fields: video games, industry, science ,medicine and so on. Every video gamer can notice the big difference between the first version of FIFA ( as example) and the last … Continue reading Simulated Reality

TRIZ for problem solving

TRIZ is the acronym for “Teorija Reshenija Izobretateliskih Zadatch” in Russian, a theory developed by Genrich Altshuller since 1946. It is called TIPS in English, an acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. We can define 5 different level of innovation, from an apparent solution to a real discovery, trough minor improvement, major improvement and … Continue reading TRIZ for problem solving


Turkiye scholarships are opened for students from the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Uganda, Uruguay, New Zealand, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The application is opened from 01/11/2017  to 30 november , for the three level: bachelor master … Continue reading 2018 TÜRKİYE SCHOLARSHİPS

Product modeling languages

Having talked about product modeling in the last post, through this post I will explain some important engineering modelling languages. Modeling languages is the link between computer programming languages and the prodcut or service;there's a wide range of modelling languages, some of them are domain-specific, others are multi-domain, and some even universal and general-purpose. SysML let's … Continue reading Product modeling languages