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Tips to avoid Headache when working on your computer

When working on your computer the method you sit may cause you some major Aches and pains , especially tension headaches. here are some useful tips to avoid those pains: I f the headache come from stress  and anxiety, here are some tips that relieve some of the head pressure stress headaches and anxiety stress headaches and anxiety stress headaches … Continue reading Tips to avoid Headache when working on your computer

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEAs),advantages and criticism

FMEA is a systematic analysis of the systems to whatever level of detail is required to demonstrate that no single failure will cause an undesired event. It is commonly defined as: –“a systematic process for identifying potential design and process failures before they occur, with the intent to eliminate them or minimisethe risk associated with … Continue reading Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEAs),advantages and criticism

English Idioms-شرح باللغة العربية

و هي جمل مقابلة للاستعارة في اللغة العربية Idiomsفيما يلي شرح لمجموعة من A perfect storm The worst possible situation. !هذه الاستعارة يعنى بها اسوا الاحتمالات التي يمكن ان تقع.  استعملت هذه الاستعارة كعنوان لفيلم . في هذا الفيلم مات البطل نتيجة تعرض سفينته لعاصفة بحرية مع حدوث مجموعة من الظروف التي صعبت عملية الانقاذ … Continue reading English Idioms-شرح باللغة العربية


Turkiye scholarships are opened for students from the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Uganda, Uruguay, New Zealand, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The application is opened from 01/11/2017  to 30 november , for the three level: bachelor master … Continue reading 2018 TÜRKİYE SCHOLARSHİPS