This tool will help you create 3D models easily!

Marketing through 3D models is the most effective way. So, it should not be surprising for companies to pay extra bonus to designers to bring their best products forward. But not everyone has a budget to fund a team of professionals, and if you are alone, learning design tools is not always possible. However, youContinue reading “This tool will help you create 3D models easily!”

3D printing, how to choose the right material, case study (2)

Emirates has announced that it has used cutting-edge 3D printing technology to manufacture components for its aircraft cabins. The airline has reached a significant milestone in innovation by using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), a new and innovative 3D printing technique to produce video monitor shrouds. One of the other recent achievements has been the 3DContinue reading “3D printing, how to choose the right material, case study (2)”

Corel Draw x8 ,the most wanted on google?

Corel Draw x8 is the software most researched by users among Corel corporation products. Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in graphics processing. What makes this software the most wanted with a volume of 60 500/mo search on google? Added value? users category?price? let start with the first one, Added valueContinue reading “Corel Draw x8 ,the most wanted on google?”

3D printing, how to choose the right material, case study

Selective Laser Sintering is a process that uses high-powered CO2 lasers to selectively melt and fuse powdered thermoplastics. This process is ideal if you are looking to produce tough, functional parts, with the possibility to achieve excellent surface finish and fine detailing. How to choose exactly the right material combination for  designed parts? Tough Black NylonContinue reading “3D printing, how to choose the right material, case study”

Improve your negociation skills

The leader must motivate the team members, clarify difficult issues and orchestrate everyone’s efforts. This means exploring alternatives, pushing boundaries, keeping the whole team involved and moving the group toward consensus. The presented post will explain relevant aspects of moderation, argumentation, negotiation and working group in the collaborative distributed design teams. you will learn to:Continue reading “Improve your negociation skills”

Improve your communication skills

This post will help you to : Understand types of communication skills communicate with experts from different fields know how to monitor communication transmission know to recognize and avoid /diminish misunderstanding in communication Individuals have various preferences for both communicating with others and interpreting the communications from others. Numerous models have been developed which describeContinue reading “Improve your communication skills”

Free useful tools for project and data management

If you need to plan meetings, to use cloud storage, backup your data, here’s a list of free useful tools that help you to organize your work! To help to organize meeting and see people availabilities : Video confercing : Free back up and sync ( 5GB free) :, please if you choose toContinue reading “Free useful tools for project and data management”

Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro

Autodesk offers a promotion of 20 % till 16 January 2018, this promotion concerns the following products: Autocad (read how to download free trial for students and educators) Revit LT Suite  Autocad is a well known software for 3D design , simulation and analysis , read more about 3D design at why engineering use 3D modelContinue reading “Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro”

Want to learn about 3d rapid prototyping, come here!

  Rapid prototyping is a very useful tool that helps designer to evaluate the product in the earlier stages, in fact,  the physical models are made during all stages of product development (conception stage, geometry modelling, design optimisation, manufacturing and assembly design) wereas, the traditional prototyping process comes in the end stage of product development after allContinue reading “Want to learn about 3d rapid prototyping, come here!”

Corel CAD 2018 VS AutoCAD 2018

Corel, a software company has released his last CorelCAD version (2018),  2D and 3D Computer aided design software. CorelCAD, developped by ARES has provided compatibility with iOS, Corelcad comes with a set of enhacement and new features includes: Enhancement of 3D solid modeling editing New Helix tool that allows users to create 2D spirals and 3D helixes NewContinue reading “Corel CAD 2018 VS AutoCAD 2018”

Virtual reality VS augmented reality

Virtual reality is more than video and Xbox games, its used are over differents domains especially in design.( if you want to know more read What do you need to know about virtual reality? What’s augmented reality and what’s the difference between augmented and virual reality? Augmented VS Virtual Reality Augmented reality = Virtual reality + realityContinue reading “Virtual reality VS augmented reality”

Functional Analysis-concept and tools

As mentioned in the previous post ,functional analysis is a method to define the needs the product has to answer and to help experss the specifications. Functional analysis tools The “animals with horn” is a tool to help the user to define the specifications. The head of the animal represents the product to be designed.Continue reading “Functional Analysis-concept and tools”

Why doctors need CAD tools?

Not only engineers and designers who need CAD tools ,nowdays, also doctors need CAD tools too ! Away from industrial purposes like: “customer satisfaction” , manufacturing optimisation and mastering product complexity, the Digital Mock-up (DMU) tools are used to help fighting diseases and improve human being health. Hre we will see how how Complex and accurateContinue reading “Why doctors need CAD tools?”

What’s concurrent engineering development model?

Concurrent engineering is defined as “a systematic approach to the integrated, simultaneous design of products and their related processes, including manufacture and support. This approach is intended to cause the developers, from the outset, to consider all elements of the product life cycle from conception through disposal, including quality, cost, schedule, and user requirements” WhyContinue reading “What’s concurrent engineering development model?”

How CAD helps electronics Designers

The product have been developped and become more and more a complexe system, so electronics design need to follow this developpement and master data over product complexity. They need to see their printed circuit board (PCB) designs in a 3D model  as they need a larger perspective. These are three reasons why CAD will beContinue reading “How CAD helps electronics Designers”

Top three of cryptocurrencies fall today

Bitcoin , Ethereum and Bitcoin cash has plunged this morning at the average of -20%. Not only thoses cryptocurrencies , but , all ather altcoins except the Ripple currency!  May be it still unclear the reasons behind, but ,some suspect a bad news coming from china … Bitcoin Bitcoin plunged more than twenty percent toContinue reading “Top three of cryptocurrencies fall today”

Why using 3D models in aerospace?

What are the domains using 3D models in aerospace? What are the benefits from using 3D models?  If this is the first time you read about digital mock-up click here for more explanations about this subject. Domains using the 3D model (digital mock-up) In aerospace industry, the digital mock-up is used in different domains duringContinue reading “Why using 3D models in aerospace?”

A guide to understand Industry 4.0

In the context of internet of things, cyber-physical, Digital mock-up, virtual reality , automation and so on, industry 4.0 has emerged as a concept to design the transformation that khows the factories using those technology in term of  automation and data exchange . Industry 4.0 concept has created what is called smart factory. Slight History Here’s anContinue reading “A guide to understand Industry 4.0”

Project manager definition

What’s project manager definition? what’s the difference between product manager and project manager? Project Manager The project manager according to the product organization is responsible for Product execution and delivery, this contains: Architecture/Platform development engineers Coordinating resources of engineering Applications development engineers Test and validation Planning & Scheduling Project tracking & reporting Meanwihle , productContinue reading “Project manager definition”

What’s process engineer job description?

In this post we will explain the process design, in order to explain process engineer job and Define process engineering discipline. Process design  one of the most important task of a process engineer is processe design;  to conceive the overall shape of processes and to design processes layouts. He has to take into consideration the process volume andContinue reading “What’s process engineer job description?”

Why Configuration Management is important?

In 2009, SNCF – responsible for the trains in France – ordered 341 new regional trains larger than the older ones. As the data of many platforms were not updated, the trains were larger than many of them. As a result of this non-accordance between the documents and the reality, 1300 French platforms will undergoContinue reading “Why Configuration Management is important?”

Are there methods to be creative?

How a team works in order to developp new products? Is there method to make someone  create new ideas? How innovation and new ideas can be generated ? How they work in crearive sessions?  In fact there are lot of methods used in development and research services in order to lead their teams to developpContinue reading “Are there methods to be creative?”

3D Printing technology and benefit

3D Printing or additive manufacturing is a thechnology that creates physical prototypes of 3D solids from their digital models. Here are some examples of additive manufacturing products: How to create the physical products? Additive manufacturing processes differ  depending on the material and machine technology  used. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) group defineContinue reading “3D Printing technology and benefit”