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Can we compare wrike project management to Autodesk PLM 360?

I saw in different websites comparison between Autodesk PLM 360 and Wrike. In my opinion those softwares are differents and can't be compared! What's Autodesk PLM 360 and what's Wrike? to understand that , we need to understand the difference between project manager role and product manager role! The role of project manager is to … Continue reading Can we compare wrike project management to Autodesk PLM 360?

Project Lifecycle Management Glossary

Talked about PLM in previuous post, this post will focus on some PLM glossary in order to define confused term and to provide an easy-to-remember reference.It will contain definition and explanation of distinction. Alternate parts Alternate parts are different parts in inventory that fill the same function Alternate parts are interchangeable components in a post-release production … Continue reading Project Lifecycle Management Glossary

Product management, ten mistakes to avoid

Product management ten mistakes to avoid based on Mr Francis BERNARD experience:“Dassault Systemes,the success story”, one of the important engineers of Dassaut system. Ten mistakes to avoid 1- Confuse your Customers with Early Adopters Customers may be divided in two main categories: early adopters and users. Early adopters love Technology, meanwhile, users want value. The term of early … Continue reading Product management, ten mistakes to avoid

Project Management,Phases and Steps

The PMI (Project Management Institute) suggests that the following knowledge areas comprise Project Manager: •Project Integration •Scope Management •Time Management •Cost Management •Quality Management •Human Resource Management •Communication Management •Risk Management •Procurement Management Innovator PM Phases and Steps To Initiate the Project: 1.Select the Project 2.Define the result 3.Select the Project Manager 4.Select target start … Continue reading Project Management,Phases and Steps

Requirements Management,concepts and activities

The purpose of Requirements Development (RD) is to produce and analyze customer, product, and product component requirements. The purpose of Requirements Management (REQM) is to manage the requirements of the project’s products and product components and to identify inconsistencies between those requirements and the project’s plans and work products. This process area describes three types … Continue reading Requirements Management,concepts and activities

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEAs),advantages and criticism

FMEA is a systematic analysis of the systems to whatever level of detail is required to demonstrate that no single failure will cause an undesired event. It is commonly defined as: –“a systematic process for identifying potential design and process failures before they occur, with the intent to eliminate them or minimisethe risk associated with … Continue reading Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEAs),advantages and criticism

Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro

Autodesk offers a promotion of 20 % till 16 January 2018, this promotion concerns the following products: Autocad (read how to download free trial for students and educators) Revit LT Suite  Autocad is a well known software for 3D design , simulation and analysis , read more about 3D design at why engineering use 3D model … Continue reading Autodesk promotions & products price’s under 5 euro

What is knowledge management and why is it important?

"knowledge management caters to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it embodies organizational processes that seek synergistic combination of -data and information processing capacity of information technologies, -and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings"  This is a strategic view of Knowledge Management … Continue reading What is knowledge management and why is it important?