This tool will help you create 3D models easily!

Marketing through 3D models is the most effective way. So, it should not be surprising for companies to pay extra bonus to designers to bring their best products forward. But not everyone has a budget to fund a team of professionals, and if you are alone, learning design tools is not always possible.
However, you can skip expensive teams and complex tools and give your product a visual boost that it needs for 70% of the usual price.

BOXshot4home  provides you with a simplified alternative to today’s complex design tools with a wide range of distinctive 3D models to give your product a great visual upgrade. This tool uses realistic images to create production quality formats, such as CD-ROMs, smartphones, and book covers that you can link to your product.
Whether you want to show your new app on a smartphone or your eBook on a cover, it has the assets to do it.
Unlike other modeling tools, Priority places access to complex features. With an easy-to-use user interface and simple mouse controls, you can create templates with the natural sizes and shapes that make your product come alive. What’s more, it resizes its shapes to your graphics, saving you a great deal of time during the editing process.
With a lifetime license, you’ll have access to a range of customizable formats, realistic imagery, sharing features and more, plus a full year of support and major / secondary updates.
No matter where you are, strong visuals are key to promoting a new product; in your corner, you can give it the edge it needs. A lifetime license is usually sold for $ 99, but you can get a license today at the  engineering shop for only $ 29, saving 70% of the usual price.



This is a promotional post about one of useful Engineering’s partners. By shopping with us, you not only get the materials you need, but you’re also supporting our website.

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