Self defence mechanisms,how you can heart yourself!

How many times you tried to protect yourself from stressful situations, instead , this had prevented you from coming to terms with this stressful event. if this so , we have to ask ourselfs which defence mechanism do we use? Regression, Repression, Denial or Rationalisation.

Here bellow explanation of those self defence mechanisms and their consequences on our life, let use it and try to help ourselfs.


According to Freud, the human personality is determined by the interaction of various psychological processes of the mind: the id, ego and superego.


The id is unconscious to the person and operates on pleasure principle

The superego is in charge of morality.

The ego is like a go-betweener.

It negotiates between what it and superego wants and interacts with the outside world pragmatically.

When we are  challenged by a stressful situation, we may experience a great deal of distress. According to psychologists, defence mechanisms reduce distress by blocking the impulses or altering them into more acceptable and less threatening forms.

Defence mechanism scenario

Let consider this scenario: A teenager was dumped by his partner after being in a relationship with him for two years.


And the Winner Defence Mechanism IS:


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English-Arabic explanation

Repression قمع؛ كبت؛ كبح
denial:   إنْكار
regression:  إنْتِكَاس

defense mechanisms definition, what’s denial mechanism?rationalization defence mechanism, many times you tried defense mechanisms definition to protect yourself from stressful defense mechanisms definition situations, instead , defense mechanisms definition this had prevented you from coming to terms with this stressful event.defense mechanisms definition  if this so , we have to ask ourselfs which defence mechanism do we us defense mechanisms definition.

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