Teamcenter , autodesk PLM…and others , why engineers need those softwares?

What’s a Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) ?

PLM strategy is a part of the extended enterprise crucial to success. What’s PLM?  and why companies are implementing PLM strategies, which services a PLM tools are providing?


Let’s begun by the context of nowadays enterprise


The industrial context has been changed and developped over the years, the main caracterisations of the nowdays industry  are:

  •  Employee’s of an extended enterprise are distributed over the countries, the information flow become huge and more complicated.
  • The globalisation and customer sophistication have led to a rise of the number of products variants.
  • Technology and Competition have helped to offer outstanding function at low price.

Therefore, the most important challenges for a manufacturing company are:

  • Cost and time pressure
  • Adapting to the different customer needs
  • Skill Management

Which services PLM provides?


In this context PLM strategy is used in order to manage product relevant information through it lifecycle: from cradle to grave, in order to ensure those challenges.

The relevant information depends on enterprise judgement but it contains very often those elements:

  • Product configuration ( As planned, as built)

  • 3D models

  • Reconciliation of engineering Bill Of manufacturing ( E-BOM) and manufacturing BOM

  • Digital manufacturing

  • Test and validation

PLM strategy includes : People, Information Technology, Process, Product Information. It consists in the creation of product data like: Design, simulation, digital factory, etc…,  and in the management of the information : workflow, collaborative work tools, etc… .

PLM strategy must ensure the management of product configuration, product requirement, product design and process design.

PLM strategy must ensure the management of product configuration, product requirement, product design and process design.

In which conditions a PLM strategy maybe successfully implemented ?

concurent design.PNG

Firstly, the enterprise maturity degree’s. It must be at least at level three, when all processes are defined, documented, standardized, and integrated in a quality system ( like ISO 9000 for instance) and organization is proactive.

Secondly, the enterprise needs must be defined accurately, the PLM strategy must be adopted to the enterprise requirements from different points of view: enterprise activity, capacity, needs, metadata, etc , so an accurate study is very important.

Thirdly , the willing and acceptance of the enterprise work staff of changing, change management is a crucial factor to make a PLM strategy successful.

To conclude, the market place is full of different solutions of PLM, with lot of promises and functions, but the enterprise must define what it needs really, commercial presentation sounds goods but efficient is more important!

By: Sanaa Ahmad, PLM master degree


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