Autodesk and PLM, which capabilities?

The project life cycle management ( PLM) is a development of PDM approache : project data management, the PLM soltutions were adopted earlier by aerospace industry, in response of its requirements : delocalized manufacturing, as example airbus has lost  millions due to engineering defect in the assembly phase, because, the parts that were manufactured in different countries doesn’t fit. , so they need a collaborative tool that allow different teams to work on the same project with better communication ,visualisation and accuracy.

Furthermore, PLM has became a necessary tool  for every industry in order to ensure : data management , quality management, supplier collaboration, design, manufacturing, smart factory, a necessaire tool for the industry 4.0 as you can see below autodesk PLM capablities:


Autodesk PLM capablities

Autodesk PLM 360 is one of the top 200 Project Management Software products according to reviewsfinaceonline as you can see below:


But Autodesk PLM 360  allows other capabilities which are not mentioned in their review such as sales and marketing management.

Study case : sales and marketing management

As a sales and marketing manager, product lifecycle management (PLM) can help provide end-to-end experiences that aim to please customers. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle helps your organization reach further to reveal core competencies that produce truly valuable products and services at every stage of the buying experience.

Collaborate to improve development

This is a case study how PLm can help a meduim company

Size: 26-100 employees

Industry: Consumer Products

Activity: sales and Marketing

Inspiration driven by a creative process is often better than inspiration alone. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle can help designers, engineers, and manufacturers of consumer products stay true to the original intent while collaborating to improve cost, efficiency, and methods of manufacture.
Extend your reach Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle helps you extend your reach by starting new projects instantly.
Hundreds of fully-configurable PLM applications put the capabilities you need at your fingertips.
With Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle, enjoy safe, dependable PLM at lower cost and risk than
traditional PLM alternatives.

“We need tools that can keep up with our evolving business environment as fast as our evolving product lines.”
Linda Maepa Co-Founder and COO ElectronVault

How PLM can help you
The radar chart above displays the priority ranking of your business initiatives as they
pertain to strategic disciplines of growth, customer service, and profitability. According
to your prioritization, your company reflects a hybrid strategy focused on both
customer experience and growth – specifically the improvement of processes and
workflow efficiencies that will expand your company’s revenue base while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.
This can include the ability to react more quickly to changing market conditions, to
manage diverse portfolios and to improve product development and engineering
processes that lead to better quality products. While traditionally associated with cost
cutting efficiencies, today PLM offers the unique ability to positively impact revenue
via new products or markets, while achieving an optimal customer experience.
By leveraging cloud-level performance, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle allows your company
to expand significantly while keeping a focus on areas of key importance such as
product quality and customer satisfaction scores. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides
up-to-the-minute information and makes it clearly visible to all stakeholders, helping
both in the gathering of requirements and the efficient delivery of quality products to
demanding customers.
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Full Discovery Assessment

Acquire/Retain Customers

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle allows you to focus and execute on ideas, products and
initiatives to excite prospects and win new customers. Work from the cloud to view
cross-departmental activity dashboards in real time to understand the progress of
each of your company’s strategic goals and initiatives. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle
offers a wide variety of fully configurable apps to help you manage Customer
Engagements, Requirements, Sales Quotes, and Marketing Assets and work more
closely with your customers than ever before.

Better Customer Service

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle helps you Implement new ways to resolve issues faster
and deliver greater customer satisfaction as part of every customer interaction. From
your mobile device, quickly associate customer issues with source parts, assemblies,
or suppliers to accurately record problem frequency and reason, for improved
traceability. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a wide variety of fully configurable
apps to help you initiate Complaints/Incidents, Return Merchandise Authorization,
and Requests for Information so you can deliver the great customer service your
customers expect.

Foster Product Innovation

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle allows organizations to capture customer input, explore
creative proposals, and make a greater impact from the design decisions that follow.
Earlier access to data, people, and processes from research and development and
portfolio planning can make the difference in successfully creating marketable
designs that meet strategic goals. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a wide variety
of fully configurable apps to manage Requirements, Bills of Materials, Change
Requests, and Change Orders so you can deliver focused innovations that matter.

About Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle

Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle is a cloudbased software-as-a-service that transforms PLM by offering an affordable, easy-to-use, and simple-to-deploy solution that makes the benefits of PLM business applications available to anyone, anytime,
anywhere. Where to get more information

See for yourself!

In this assessment, we’ve outlined the key areas where you might find the most
immediate value from a PLM solution in your particular business case. But don’t
take our word for it! You can see for yourself. To get a hands-on test drive of
Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle, sign-up for our free 30-Day Trial.

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Try It Now

Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle is a cloudbased autodesk software-as-a-service that transforms autodesk PLM by offering autodesk an affordable,autodesk  easy-to-use, autodesk and simple-to-deploy autodesk solution autodesk that makes autodesk the benefits autodesk of PLM business autodesk applications autodesk available to autodesk  anyone, anytime,autodesk
autodesk anywhere.autodesk  Where to autodesk get more information autodesk.

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