Project management glossary(2)


The workflow is The defined series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome. In other words, it is what should be done to successfully mature an object to its desired final state.


Workflows are often used to manage the maturation or expediting of an object or process

In this example for managing engineering changes (ECs). This involves such things as to whom the EC should be sent and at what time, as well as what one should do upon reception.


  • Sometimes confused with …


–Action flow


Configuration is a technique allowing one to manage product variability without having to maintain a distinct part list for each product variant.

Maximizing the possibilities while minimizing the parameters

The key to configuration is the ability for the system to extract meaningful subsets of parts out of a consolidated collection of all the parts needed to build an entire family of products.


The technique is one of filtering: the product structure contains the parts for the product family, whereas the results of one configuration filter contain only the parts for a specific resolved product.

  • Sometimes confused with …

–Product structure


  • Also referred to as …

–Product variability


Zones are geographical subdivisions of a larger product.

In order to reduce the complexity of product development, a product is divided into technically controllable zones.In the automotive industry, a vehicle is typically divided into: front end, front wall, interior, under body, and rear – a binding division (interface) is defined within the respective vehicle project.


  • Sometimes confused with …



  • Also referred to as …

–Sections (aviation industry)

Decks, slices … (ship industry

Assembly Variants

Different strokes for different folks.
  • Assembly variants are resolved assemblies which correspond to an orderable configuration among an assembly family.
    • Sometimes confused with …
  • –Trade studies

    –Specifications (options)

    • Also referred to as …

    –Orderable assemblies

BOMs and production

BOM is an abreviation of Bill Of Materials, there’s a difference between engineering and manufacturing BOM, The following pictures attempt to illustrate, based on a simple well-known recipe, the differences among thoses different types of BOMs (Bills of Material).

Example: Crepes with mandarine syrup


Engineering BOM


Manufacturing BOM


Hope it was funny and clear 😉

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