Corel Draw x8 ,the most wanted on google?

Corel Draw x8 is the software most researched by users among Corel corporation products. Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in graphics processing.

What makes this software the most wanted with a volume of 60 500/mo search on google?

Added value? users category?price? let start with the first one,

Added value

you can get a job using corel draw !

Smart cars

University Students used corel  to design smart cars



CorelDRAW makes it easier to communicate with clients and business partners”Pascal Costamagna, headquarter of  Techni Architecture.
Pascal Costamagna has purchased CorelDRAW licences for all of his 20 employees. They use it every day as each photo, CAD-CAM file, planning permission application, Photoshop file and any other type of document that flows through the office is imported into CorelDRAW .



If you like to draw, you can become a designer , or you are already a designer , take this example of José Luis Vallribera who uses corel draw to design and customize sports equipment.

Textile printing

The DecoNetwork e-commerce business management system ally with corel in order to get more agility, quality and efficency of its printed products.


Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre use corel to teach people in south africa how to produce a broad array of marketing material using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

what you get if you sign up , even for the free trial?

you will have access to :

  • webinars
  • video and writting tutorials
  • training videos
  • insignts from the experts
  • Weeks tips
  • …etc


Actually , there’s a limited offer of -20%, the price become US$535.00 ( US$669.00).

30 days of guaranty ( money back).

Users category

There are a lot of categories of users who are using corel: students, career builder, artist, architect,…etc.

Access to corel website by clicking there

Corel Store page

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