Product management, ten mistakes to avoid

Product management ten mistakes to avoid based on Mr Francis BERNARD experience:“Dassault Systemes,the success story”, one of the important engineers of Dassaut system.

Ten mistakes to avoid

1- Confuse your Customers with Early Adopters

Customers may be divided in two main categories: early adopters and users. Early adopters love Technology, meanwhile, users want value. The term of early adopters originates from Everett M. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations

This leads us to the second mistake

2- Confuse Innovation with Value

Innovation only is misleading!, the only solution is Innovation plus value!

4- Confuse adding features with improving Product

Product enhancements plan must be guided by Vision and Strategy!

5- Confuse real value features with “nice-to have” features

A real value feature is a Must-to-have feature, meanwhile nice to have feature is a secondary function.

8- Confuse building right Product with building Product right

Good code quality certification but wrong specifications don’t generate success!

9- Confuse Impressive specifications with Impressive Product

Paper-based specifications or power point presentations can be extremely misleading!

Prototyping is the best option in order to avoid such confusion, rapid prototyping and 3D modelling provide great solutions for prototyping.

10- Confuse Product launch with Success

At least 6 reference customers within a short period can measure success

A reference customer must be a true operational user, not research or academic.

Now, let’s go to discover main keys to successful product creation

Keys to successful product creation

  1. Asses market opportunities
  2. Define a prodcut strategy that allows you to to determine what you are trying to acheive
  3. Set a prioritized principales of the product you want to create: Decide what’s important and strategic

3.Realize that function and form are intertwined: So, prototyping is the only way to specify.Try test with real users before building Product

4.Measure is essential for improving a product: measure customer satisfaction and son on.

Overall process

To resume the process of product entrepreneurship can be described by five main phases:

Business strategy,Opportunity assessment, Product Creation,Product Engineering and Product Launch.


Uncertainty and Risk management

Before each step , project manager should ask : go or no ?



Finally  here bellow how a Great Products look like, according to Francis BERNARD

Great Product

! Combine something that is truly desirable
(solve a real problem) with something that is just now possible (leveraging technology)
! Are based on great user experience
! Prioritize ease of use against ease of development
! Are loved and appreciated by their happy, loyal users and customers

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