What should an engineer know about design methods

Industrial organisation evolution for design process has tow major phases :

  • Information transfer and prescription:Over the wall approach

    The wall approach
  • Information exchange and collaboration (1990th):
    • Concurrent engineering and Integrated design

What are the function of design process? What are the main design methods used currently in companies ? What’s the function of Computer Aided Design software in the current situation of design?

Design methods

First we need to understand why desing process exists and in which industrial phases it intervenes.well, design come at the early age of the industrial project, design process finality is to create product satisfying customer needs, so, designers and engineers must understand and formulate customer specification and product functions, to do so in a complexe context such as entreprise’s context, they need accurate methods and tools such as: Capture.PNG

design process

Design method « Project organisation »

The objective of project organisation is :

  • To narrow all the participants in the design group
  • To make them give their point of view as soon as possible
  • To take collective decisions
concurent design.PNG
Project organisation

Design method « Engineering driving »

Engineering driving is a method which’s based on a Systemic decision making process (strategic, tactic, operational) that aims performance driving.

Design method « Systematic design »

The objective of systematic design method is To go to industrial approach of the design.as shown below:

Systematic design

Design method « C-K theory »

C-K theory is a Creative theory based on Concept and Knowledge analysis.

The objective of this method is to Find innovative theory based on product line improvement

Design method « Axiomatic »

Axiomatic method is based on Domain space modelling and Matrix-based relationship as shown bellow:

Axioamatic design method

The objective of Axiomatic approach of the design to tackle complexity

Design method « Concurrent and integrated design

The objective of this method which is based on design expert collaborative requirements is To reduce product development time and to take into account multiple-points of view during the design process. Read more about concurrent and integrated design.

Computer Aided Design software (overview) supports management and design process.

The evolution of thoses software can displayed as shown bellow:

Evolution of CAD tools

And the next future….


CAD softwares

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