Improve your communication skills

This post will help you to :

  • Understand types of communication skills
  • communicate with experts from different fields
  • know how to monitor communication transmission
  • know to recognize and avoid /diminish misunderstanding in communication

Individuals have various preferences for both communicating with others
and interpreting the communications from others. Numerous models have
been developed which describe how to recognize an individual’s preferred
style of communicating and what strategy to use in communicating most
effectively with them.
Do you know how your communication style is perceived? To progress in
your career it is vital that you communicate in an assertive way.
It is important to understand how your communication style is interpreted by
others to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. The goal is
communicate with assertion and avoid an aggressive, passive-aggressive or
passive style of communication.
Use the following table to analyze you communication style over all or to
evaluate a particular exchange you’ve had to see how you can improve on
your communication style.

communication table

we both matter, I think we are equal “assertive communication”

Communication personnalities

The following are examples of a couple of Communication personalities models – check for some examples and debate each aspects of the communication process; sustain your affirmations with examples.
Different Personality Types:
Expresser, Driver, Relater & Analytical – to be recognize and improve communication process.
The variable of analyze are:
•How to Recognize Each,
•What They Ask,
•Reacts to,
•Improves with,
•Must be Allowed to,
•For Best Results.

communication personnalities
key factors

Communication with experts from different fields

Effective communication is an essential skill that is used daily and is related
to success in all facets of life.
Communication with experts from different fields of sciences – in design
teams represents a big challenge for each member involved in the team. It is
recognized as a interdisciplinary approach of research and the solution for
an effective communication is that each specialist to know and understand
the basic knowledge from the others. So, a common knowledge pool is
established and this will create the basic for understating one each other.

Communication process monitoring, by elements:
1. Monitoring the information source – clear and understandable message,
information presentation public/target oriented;
2. Transmitter – monitor the whole message transmition through the
channel. The transmiter has to be design to accept all kind of messages
used by the design actors (drawing, text, presentations, results simulation
files etc.).
3. Channel – monitor the process communication through the channel is
linked with: monitor the message sending process and the noise sources
intervention (avoiding them)
4. Receiver – monitor the reception and the perseption of the transmited
5. Destination – monitor the decision process and the implementation
process of the used, transmited information.
Noise is consider everything that can disrupt the communication process.


How to prepare a presentation?

When prepare a presentation you have to focus on the audiance interests:
Designers – focus on engineering solutions, product functions realization
Manufacturing engineers – focus on product manufacturability
Logistics engineers – focus on suppliers selection, product distribution
Marketing people – focus on the product benefits, satisfaction for clients,
customers (product, price, placement and publicity policies). The product
functions have to be linked with a customer need satisfaction
End-of-life specialist – focus on the EOF product behavior.
The product impact on the environment has to be a subject that is a general
focus of all actors!

When the screen lights up with a slide filled with dense text and highly
detailed tables, charts, and graphs, the focus of the audience immediately,
and involuntarily, goes to the graphics, and they start to read. When they
start reading, they stop listening. The graphics then become the center of
attention and the presenter becomes subordinate to the slide show. This
problem is compounded as the presenter becomes a reader, too. The results
are a failure to connect, a failure to communicate, and most likely, a failure
to persuade.
To make all of the above happen, we need the guiding principles. These
principles are:
Presenter Focus and Less Is More – In addition, there is a third vital element
in the equation: Perception Psychology, the audience and how they take in
what they see.
Finally, you can turn to graphics to help communicate your flow.Welldesigned
graphics not only convey information clearly and attractively, they
also help establish the connections among ideas by Graphic Continuity.
Again, the panoramic view offers an excellent perspective on the flow of
your innovation presentation.

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reference: ecqa.

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