Corel CAD 2018 VS AutoCAD 2018

Corel, a software company has released his last CorelCAD version (2018),  2D and 3D Computer aided design software.

CorelCAD, developped by ARES has provided compatibility with iOS, Corelcad comes with a set of enhacement and new features includes:

  • Enhancement of 3D solid modeling editing
  • New Helix tool that allows users to create 2D spirals and 3D helixes
  • New AutoCAD DWG format Support

Autocad 2018, an Autodesk software, comes with new features and enhancement as example readAutocad introduced for Mac

Which one is the best to use?

Autocad 2018 VS Corel CAD 2018

Let’s compare thoses two softwares in order to see when and where use each one.

Domains covered

The main domains covered are almost the same for both of the two softwares such as construction and engineering, with common features on architectural, structural, mechanical and general design and documentation,but there are some domains where Autocad is used whereas Corelcad is not, such as automotive and Education. Thus, CorelCAD is more suitable for civil and structural engineers, industrial designers,small business, and general CAD hobbyists.

Autocad advantages

Autocad provides electrical application simulation and development while corelcad doesn’t.

Autocad provides  facilities such as cost estimation, animation and rendering and simulation based analysis while  corelcad doesn’t.

Autocad provide Free students version ( read how to download free Autocad 2018) and educational licenses, Whereas corelcad made an education Benefit from 75% off commercial software pricing.


Corelcad 2018 is a one time cost which is US$699.00

Autocad 2018 price is $1,470.00 /year

Here are further thechnical comparison from

features of AutoCAD vs CorelCAD



This comparison table help to decide when one should use CorelCAD vs AutoCAD.


Click here to access to corelCAD website VS Click here to acces to Autodesk website


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