Virtual reality VS augmented reality

Virtual reality is more than video and Xbox games, its used are over differents domains especially in design.( if you want to know more read What do you need to know about virtual reality?

What’s augmented reality and what’s the difference between augmented and virual reality?

Augmented VS Virtual Reality

Augmented reality = Virtual reality + reality

The augmented reality and virtual reality use both the same thechnologies, in contrast of virtual reality,the Augmented reality use real environment while VR use a simulated one.

The use of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in product lifecycle engineering

The lifecycle engineering phases are as follow( read more about product lifecycle):

  • Design ( Concept)
  • Product planning
  • Ideal concept
  • Product testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Product distribution
  • Use
  • End of use

The picture bellow show how both VR and AR are used during theses phases:

Augmented VS Virtual reality

VR Thechnologies basics

Three essential basics are the following

  • 3D – stereoscopic computer graphics
  • Immersion effect – user feels to be a part of virtual scene
  • Interaction – real time control of virtual object.


Application Area

Both of AR and VR are used in differents area, from engineering point of view ,its used areas including:

  • Design
  • Product configuration
  • Process simulation
  • Object visualization
  • Scientific visualization
  • Training, Education

Main steps for the creation of VR application

The main steps are:

Changes of object
visual parameters
and distribution


Applications of VR systems in work stand design

VR application as an effective tool in work stand design with
visualization and variant support
• Applications with simulation of motions, actions and working cycles of
the appliances
• Experiments and simulations of workplaces service, analyses of
designed workplace ergonomics before making the real prototype

Model that connects a real and virtual elements, mixed mock-up, in second stage of appliances design process.

Communication between the user and the VR system

The communication is established by several means , here’s an example:



Virtual Reality and augmented are effective tool in work stand design with visualization and variant support for example:
• Training in Virtual Environment gives new, exiting and costs effective ways of learning
• Challenges for the future include: automated procedures
for model preparation, data exchange protocols (CADVR- Learning System integration), natural interfaces, force feedback.

Discover 3D design


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