Additive manufacturing predictions for 2018: beautiful promises

Experts predict three essential elements about 3D printing industry.

  • Increased markets
  • the metal quality used in 3D printing will be improved
  • The polymers will be also improved

Increased markets

The number of countries investing in 3D printing will increase,according to According to Michelle Bockman, global head of 3D printing commercial expansion and development for HP Inc, the 3D printing industry will know increased adoption . the evolution technology will improve the 3D printing machine productivity and quality;This will lead to decreased cost. the 3D printing product will include different industries such as automotive.

Scott Sevcik, VP of Manufacturing Solutions at Stratasys, agree with this point of view, with a specific emphasis on aerospace. “Looking into 2018, we’ll definitely see the acceleration of production part adoption in aerospace, This is seen as suppliers expand use of 3D printing for efficient, low volume and custom production – and as airlines and MROs leverage the technology for supply chain flexibility.”

Improved metal of the 3D printing

Metal position is becoming increasingly important,” Van der Schueren, chief technology officer of Materialise, which’s a 3D printing service provider relayed, said“Metal 3D printing will become more and more of a necessity when solving specific manufacturing challenges and creating customized, complex end-use products.

“A broader range of metals will be optimized for direct metal printing. The conversion of raw materials into finished production products will see significant growth in 2018. Hardware will be developped in parallel to become more capable from both a part-size perspective as well as process control, with solutions like 3D Systems’ recently announced DMP 8500. This machine can print a 500-mm XYZ, the largest “seamless” part capability in the industry. This class of development will solidify the position of the technology as mainstream in industries like healthcare and aerospace. In the latter, for example, design optimization of parts expressed by AM to create new geometries has the potential to save thousands of dollars in fuel consumption alone, just by improving the strength-to-weight ratios.”


“For thermopolymer 3D printing, there will be a huge growth in the availability of PEEK 3D printing capabilities. Benchtop SLS will begin to offer viable solutions, with four to five different players,”David Sher, CEO and founder of 3D Printing Business Media

Sherechoed that he also believes that construction 3D printing will make a big jump in terms of adoption.” While we’ve seen a number of projects produce technology demonstrations, very few firms have 3D-printed usable structures.


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