Why doctors need CAD tools?

Not only engineers and designers who need CAD tools ,nowdays, also doctors need CAD tools too !

Away from industrial purposes like: “customer satisfaction” , manufacturing optimisation and mastering product complexity, the Digital Mock-up (DMU) tools are used to help fighting diseases and improve human being health.

Hre we will see how how Complex and accurate 3D model help dentalists and how the accurate 3D model are used in simulation in order to detect anomalous human structure anatomy or function processes leading to diseases.

Computational anatomy

The computational anatomy can be used for the detection and classification of pathologies, in fact, the objective of computational anatomy is the modeling and analysis of biological variability of human anatomy. The simulation of anatomies and normal variation lead to the discovery of structural differences between healthy and diseased populations.

Computational physiology

The computational physiology is used for better understanding the basic processes leading to the apparition of pathologies; the objective of computational physiology is to provide 3D models of body functions and simulate them.

The modeling steps are:

  • Build the 3D model of the human anatomy
  • Involve the biomechanical modeling of various tissues, organs, vessels, muscles or bone structures;
  • Involve a modeling of the functions of the major biological systems (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, central or peripheral nervous, muscular, reproductive, hormonal, etc.) or some pathological metabolism
  • Modeling the higher functions of the human brain.


After those steps, the model can be used in surgery simulation, as shown in this video of  Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Procedure (TAVI),

Dental 3D scanners

In order to produce the desired 3D dental prosthesis  ( of a patient) data efficiently, Dental 3D scanners should meet the following requirement:

  • high-precision
  • compact
  • light-weighted


  • Easy, fast and highly accurate scanning

An average of 50 seconds for a complete upper and lower full-arches scanning.

  • Additional Scan” efficiently and flexibly

In case you miss a gap unscanned , it will make it easier to come back and scan again.

  • Easy Handling
  • Data transfer

The 3D scanner must have integrated 3D CAD in order to transfer the 3D data.


Example of 3D Scanner Specifications

You need to look after accurate specifications according to your need , like those ones:

Camera Resolution 1280 × 960 × 60fps
Scanning Area Ø100mm × H60mm
Accuracy ±25µm
Rotary Stage 2-Axis (Tilt: ±45° , Pan: 360°)
Size W333 × D398 × H485mm
Weight 12Kg
Output data format STL, ms1 (original format)
Attached products Controlling PC
CAD software (exocad)

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