What do you need to know about virtual reality?

Virtual reality brings together technologies that enable the immersion of one or multiple users in a symbolic or imaginary world drawing inspiration of the real world.[Fuchs 1996]

In my opinion there are several things one need to know about virtual reality :, the domains that support the virtual reality , the domains of virtual reality application,the virtual prototyping and one of the most important founders: Jaron Zepel Lanier

Jaron Zepel Lanier

Jaron Zepel Lanier is a pioneer in the domain of virtual reality, he is the founder of the first compnay to sell virtual reality goggles and gloves.Capture.PNG

Domains supporting the virtual reality

The virtual reality field is supported by several domains which are:

  • Computer science
  • Physics cognitive
  • Physics
  • Robotics

Domains of virtual reality application

  • Design and Architecture (CAD, urban planning)
  • Transport (navigation)
  • Scientific visualization (physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, etc.)
  •  Medicine (surgery, radiology)
  • Multimedia fun (video games, theme parks)
  • Art and Design (digital work)
  • Education (interactive whiteboard)
  • Museum (interactive terminal)
  • Media / Show

Application in design

In design the virtual reality is useful for many reasons ,in fact, it brings capability to do :

  • Visualization of calculations
  • Project review
  • Functional simulation
  • Modelization
  • Training


Virtual prototyping

« By virtual prototyping, we refer to the process of simulating the user, the product and
their combined (physical) interaction in software through the different stages of
product design, and the quantitative performance analysis of the product »
[Gary Wang, 2002]

It allows companies to decrease the manufacturing cost by elimination of physics prtotyping, to improve the design lead time , to improce the product ergonomics and so on.

Virtual reality question

Impossible forms: is it an illusion?


Stereoscopic glasses inconvenients

There are several inconvients regarding the use of Stereoscopic glasses, this includes:

  • Color alteration
  • Loss of brightness
  • Limited field of vision

3D printing tools

every 3D printing needs computer aided design tools in order to send the send the 3D model for printing.

Maya is an Autodesk software which provides tools for 3D printing with an easy surface to work on.

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