What is the best cryptocurrency to buy before 2018?

I made some research regarding this question: What is the best crypto currency to buy before 2018?

I found many answers suggesting hundreds of cryptocurrencies , which one is the best ?in facr, It is very difficult to say which cryptocurrency is the best for an investment.In fact ,before investing one should do his own research and form his own hypotheses and decisions to buying or selling any cryptocurrency.

From my research I pick up two strategies:

  • Invest on the top ten by market cap


  • to invest in cryptocurrencies that are still under $1 per coin,hoping that they will raise in value in the future.


You need to do your own research concerning the cryptocurrency, the thechnology behind and what is special about it.You need to be confortable with you choice.

Here some cryptocurrencies that may be intersting according to my research,I made a resume.

  • IOTA

According to some experts IOTA is a promoting cryptocurrency. It ‘s a new technology different from blockchain called TANGLE, it use the internet of things technology , so it aims machine to machine communication.

  • NEO

A smart contract based platform similar to ETHEREUM

  • Ripple

Micro-payments around the world executed at the speed of light

  • Vechain

VeChain is a product management platform integrated with Blockchain technology that puts unique IDs on the Blockchain.

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