How CAD helps electronics Designers

The product have been developped and become more and more a complexe system, so electronics design need to follow this developpement and master data over product complexity.

They need to see their printed circuit board (PCB) designs in a 3D model  as they need a larger perspective.

These are three reasons why CAD will be useful for every electronics design

  1. Collaborative engineering. Nowday’s design process is anything but linear. they need agility for Component changes, if you don’t have a tool to understand how your product affect your PCB design process , it will  handicappe your capabilities.
  2. File formats load heavily.Due to data loosing when communicating through different file formats, it takes hours to just supplement what should already be communicated in the design.
  3. The future is mixing disciplines. Engineers are expected to do it all, documentation, emails, design, sourcing; etc.
Electronics design

HOW CAD tools help Designers

CAD tools brings solutions to many problems that designers face nowdays

  • Design. The cloud-based design environment allows designers to rapidely iterate ideas and bring function and form together, on any device.
  • Simulate. Engineers can test fit and motion, perform simulation, and generate realistic renderings all in the same tool.
  • CAM. for manufacturing, it’s easy to create toolpaths for machining or use the 3D printing setup to bring a prototype to life.

With the release of Autodesk EAGLE 8.3, they ‘ve  connected EAGLE and Fusion 360 to blend  the Engineering CAD and Manufacturing CAD  together. In this release, EAGLE has entered a new dimension, allowing electronic designers to work with:

Fusion 360 Synchronisation with Eagle

It allow to link the Printed Cicruit Board files in EAGLE to a Fusion 360 PCB file and synchronise changes.


Edit 3D Printed circuit board

Changing the board shapes or moving the components around, all in a 3D space in Fusion 360. Whatever changes are made get sent to EAGLE.

Capture.PNGEngineering collaboration

Engineering collaboration become easier as tool allow to share designs with the entire team.