Why using 3D models in aerospace?- Essential keys-

3D Models are used in aerospace in different domains. Master geometry and Space allocation are essential keys of the 3D models , so what’s a master geometry and what’s it role?


We know that complexe and big project like airplane manufacturing require several teams to work on the same time in different workstations over the world.

How to manage so decentralized data with complicated links and calculations, how to avoid mistakes such as the one bellow:


Master Geometry

Master Geometry is the reference of baseline geometry leading the quality of different products like Design Principle, Master geometry allows to the members of a team to work concurrently on the same project at the same time keeping a global overview of the whole project without loosing details.

In aerospace, there are three levels of Master Geometry: full aircraft, sections and work packages. It contains :

  • All the external shapes of the aircraft or section
  • The main geometrical references of: frames, rails, ribs and stringers, main interface points in wire frame
  • All the co-ordinate planes necessary to position the section, the work packagesa.PNG

How to define a master geometry model?

This is a concrete example  of how to define a master geometry model using CATIA.

Step 1:

There are some elements to define:

  • The master geometry model is a 3D Part
  • The wireframe geometry define the architecture of the design solution
  • The reference geometry is parametrized and published.


Step 2

2.1Select the appropriate licence level in TOOLS->Options
Use Knowledge Advisor workbench to create and manage user parameters

2.2Create a set of parameters

2.3Create parameters


Step 3

Step 4

Select the geometry element to be published And use « create publication » function

Step 5

Use « Update » function to update the publications after modifications of the reference geometry

Step 6

Use « Copy » function to copy the publications in the Master Geometry model and « Paste as result with link » to paste them in the 3D Part model


Step 7

Define the 3D Part using the duplicated publications


Step 8 (Last step)

Update the 3D part Update the 3D part when publications are un-updated after modifications on the Master geometry model


Space Allocation Mock-Up

The Space Allocation Mock-up is a multi skills product collecting the contribution of different domains: structure, system installation, jigs and tools, maintenance, volume, industrial means, transport means,…
The maturity gets 3 levels (A, B, C) becoming progressively more defined and validated for starting the definition models.

Space Allocation mock-up allows architecture and industrial
process validation and maintenance analysis.

Autodesk Solution

Eagle developped by Autodesk offers features like a set of PCB layout looking simple to use, schematic editing tools and so on….

EAGLE shematic editor

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