Top three of cryptocurrencies fall today

Bitcoin , Ethereum and Bitcoin cash has plunged this morning at the average of -20%.

Not only thoses cryptocurrencies , but , all ather altcoins except the Ripple currency! 

May be it still unclear the reasons behind, but ,some suspect a bad news coming from china …


Bitcoin plunged more than twenty percent to a low $13 528,80 -at the time of writing this post (23th december)- according to ( which’s the source of charts)

7day bitcoin chart


Ethereum with $64 107 467 646 as a market cap, coming second after Bitcoin in term of market cap,  plunged more than 21 percent to a low of $679,08

7 day Ethereum Chart 

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash plunged more than 30 percent to a low $2 491,95. (at the time of writting this post)

Bitcoin cash has lost his third rank after ethereum in favor of Ripple, Bitcoin cash market cap is $42 037 545 583 ( at the time of writting this post)

7 day bitcoin cash chart


Ripple seems to be the only currency taking advandge from this situation, in fact , Ripple rank has been advanced from the fourth to the third rank in term of maket cap ($42 284 163 992), his value has increased more than nine percent .

Ripple chart

Less known cryptocurrencies

The other altcoins plunged also regardless of their type of thechnologies:

  • Zcash plunged more than twenty percent
  • IOTA plunged more than thirty percent
  • Peercoin plunged more than twenty percent

why Bitcoin fall.?

According to Quora discussion , china has shut down all the exchange platforms in the country , those news may have such effect in the markey place, but , why the ripple is the only cryptocurrency which dosen’t plunged?!

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