Project manager definition

What’s project manager definition? what’s the difference between product manager and project manager?

Project Manager

The project manager according to the product organization is responsible for Product execution and delivery, this contains:

  • Architecture/Platform development engineers
  • Coordinating resources of engineering
  • Applications development engineers
  • Test and validation
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Project tracking & reporting

Meanwihle , product manager is responsible for the Product success or failure,his job is to discover a Product that is valuable, usable and feasible,he collaborates with the User Experience Designer, the Project Manager and the Domain Expert,he knows the user, the domain and market, the technology.

this leads us to explain the User Experience Designer job description.

The user Experience Designer :

! Is Responsible for the Product design and specs
! Understand the problem, design the solution
! Architect of the Product workflow, functions
! Designer of the look & feel
! Build specs and prototypes

Product manager VS Project Manager

Well, those jobs are different from point of view of purposes , skills and engineering definition, in fact :

  • The Product Manager want to design a good product
  • The Project Manager want to execute and deliver as
    soon as possible

Project Manager tools

Project manager needs planning project management tools, those tools maybe integrated in the entreprise softwares packages, but, this not always the case, especially for small business and individuals.

Wrike for pratical project management

According to Meet Redfoo who’s a former member of LMFAO , and who has implemented Wrike, which’s a Project management software, since implementing Wrike, Redfoo has seen an improvement in the way his team works:The team is more productive and communicate better,  Here are five of Redfoo’s Tips for Wrike success:

  • Use Wrike during meeting

It keeps his team organized. Each task and every idea goes straight into Wrike.

It also helps while brainstorming session, Adding and assigning tasks, Sharing links and uploading the latest document versions and to Discuss overdue items with the team.

  • Create Wrike tasks via email

Wrike’s email integration makes it easy to create and edit tasks on the go

  • Keep an ideas folder

    Wrike provides a secure, central location where Meet Redfoo and every user can archive every idea even before he decides what he wants to do with it

  • Use the mobile app to track tasks on the go

Wrike’s mobile apps for iOS and Android let user stay in communnication with his team. User can check project statuses, see the latest updates in his Activity Stream, and see the progress, the roadblock and leave feedback  for his team, minimizing project delays.

  • Keep all project-related items in one location

Keeping everything in one place removes the stress of scouring countless emails and spreadsheets just to find a particular document.

What about you , let’s us know How do you keep your team organized?share it in the comments.

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