What are the most important cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain technology has led to “Bitcoin”, now days Bitcoin has reached the value of more than 12000 dollars ( at the time of writing this post) so what’s Bitcoin and what are the most important cryptocurrencies?

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which’s decentrailzed and not controlled by any government or institution. it’s send from person to person ( peer to peer) within internet without any bank or intermediary.
Bitcoin is created by resolving complicated mathematic algorithm, and it’s limited to 21 million units.
Bitcoin is a fast and anonymous way to send money and it allowed to anyone to set up a bitcoin account.
At the beginning, Bitcoin was used especially in countries were lot of people have no bank accounts like greece  in countries in war like syria, today the bitcoin is used widely and is officially recognised as a currency, but using bitcoin is still forbiden by law in some countries like Morocco.
Bitcoin coaster
Bitcoin is a bubble or not? I don’t know  , but for sure it’s an innovative technology, Bill Gate said :”I think Bitcoin is a tour de force”
Sans titre (1).png
Bill gates : I think Bitcoin is a tour de force

Where to store Bitcoin?

In order to receive bitcoin or buy it, you need a wallet like:

What are the most important cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency, there are others:

  • Ethereum : technology different from bitcoin
  • Litecoin: is fast than Bitcoin ,but, it value depends on the Bitcoin fluctuation
  • Peercoin: Peercoin has 1% as a rate of inflation , this cryptocurrency is known as eco cryptocurrency due to his low need of energy comparing with Bitcoin

and others:NXt which’s written from scratch, Monero,etc.

Different cryptocurrencies

There a lot of  online websites pretending to be a pool mining services, but some of them are Ponzi system.

I use Cryptominingfarm , carefuly because I think it’s a ponzi system, but they are still paying , till now I made profits as I have withdrawn quantity of Bitcoin! BUT I don’t know if this website will dispear or not as there’s no guarrantee!

there is also OXBTC.com, among others, but, it seems also a ponzi system, I don’t know if they are paying or not?  I don’t know if this website will dispear or not!

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