Are there methods to be creative?

How a team works in order to developp new products? Is there method to make someone  create new ideas? How innovation and new ideas can be generated ? How they work in crearive sessions? 

In fact there are lot of methods used in development and research services in order to lead their teams to developp new products, as example TRIZ is a well known as a innovative method of problem solving.and there are more…But Why companies look for innovation?

The blue ocean

In marketing the red ocean is to design a market full of competitors, companies are like sharks whom kill each other.

Meanwhile , the blue ocean is a market not yet known where there are opportunities to grow up and increase benefits, and there’ s too much competitors, the blue ocean express the wide range of opportunities.

In order to jump into this blue ocean companies have tendance to create new products

Create new markets


The creativity can be defined as the ability of creating new ideas using individual or collective imagination.

there major steps of creativity:

  • Produce ideas
  • precise ideas
  • screen ideas
  • Implement the ideas

Produce Ideas

usually the number of people involved in a creativity session is between 5 and 8 persons, to produce ideas there are many methods, Purge, Brainstorming,Reversing, Kent & Rosanoff list and Mind mapping.


The purge

The purpose of this method is to have all the ideas classified, displayed and viewd by all the team for instance as shown in the picture.

Timing of this step is between 10 min to 20 min.


The purpose of the brainstorming is to the maximmum possible of ideas in the shortest possible time, tiùming of this step is between 30 and 60 minutes.



Reversing consists on finding solutions for the opposite of the initial problem, for example if the problem is about cold fuction , the inversing consists on fiding solution of hot function.

Timing is between 30 and 60 minutes.


Kent & Rosanoff list

Kent & Rosanoff list

This list contains 100 words which supposed to stimulate , to inspire the team for producing new ideas.

timing is 10 to 15 minutes.

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is used to generate and structure ideas by establishing the links and levels related to the the initial problem.

In a creative session you can choose one or more than one method of producing ideas , finally, you should remember the rules of ideas producing

  • Note all the ideas
  • Don’t criticize any idea even the most  crazy!
  • Be yourself and be Free!
  • keep away your mobile phone

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