Why being an engineer may be frustrating

Recently I read a letter from a singapore school administration to the parents of students .At the end of this letter was written: “Please, do not think that engineers and doctors are  the only happy people in the world”. In fact lot of engineers I know are frustrated and really not happy!

Parents always want for their children the best of everything, amongst  best of jobs, so they decide that their children must be engineer, they will have a good salary, good social position then they will be happy. But, this is not always true, lot of engineers are frustrated about their salaries which didn’t meet their expectations,frustrated about the core of jobs they are doing because most of time,they are executing boring tasks, dealing with horrible bosses, and the most important,they are doing what they deeply don’t LIKE to do. What if the child has another vision?

What about the child dream? what if he wants to be a writer, athlete, journalist, artist, he doesn’t care about math and physiscs even about the most brilliants stephen hawking ideas! if it’s the case the letter demands “to not take away their self-confidence and dignity from them!”  .Let your child decide what he wants to do with his own life, and I really appreciate what was written in the singaporian letter: it predicts,if parents do so , they can watch their children conquer the world.

If it’s the case,tell them please : do not destroy Iraq or another country, teach them love and peace!.

here bellow the very USEFUL singaporian letter:


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