How product goes from Craddle to grave

What are the keys aspect of a product life cycle?

The Product or System Life Cycle comprises all phases that the product or system goes through from the Idea to its End-of-Life and Revival. The principal phases that a product or system typically runs through in its life cycle are Design, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customization, and the End of Life –including revival. In integrated design, we always have to take into account the closed life cycle, and thus integrated design goes beyond the often-cited notion of “from craddle to grave”.

Product Life cycle

If we look at the Product/System Life Cycle in terms of material flow, we will find that along the life cycle, raw materials are transformed in fabrication processes, physical products are distributed and used on customer side. Once they have reached their end of life there, product can be directly re-used, or they can be decomposed, and used materials are transformed to raw materials by Recycling, or brought back to fabrication by Remanufacturing.

Different views of products lifecycle

There are two main views:

  • Manufacturer
  • User

For the manufacturer , the main goal is to make profit.

from user point of view , the main goals are: high quality, high performance and high utilization.

so from those two axes , we can extract diferents views of a product or a system according to the phases that the product goes through:

  • As requested: As the product or system should be build , also , called as designed
  • As build: this concern assembly process
  • As maintained: service  or usage
  • As recycled: Disassembly or recycling

How to support thoses different product views

In order to be able to establish anintegrated view of the product/system lifecycle, we need tools that support the representation of theproduct/system indifferent structures. Forexample, to represent theproduct/system“as-required”,we need to have a view of the product/system structure interms of its requirements.To represent it“as-designed”,we need to have a view on the design structure of the product/system, including the models representing the product shape(most notablyCAD models),its functions,and its parameters.


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