Simulated Reality

Simulated reality is an old concept that allows people to get involved into a virtual world called simulation. this concept has a huge application in diffent fields: video games, industry, science ,medicine and so on.

Every video gamer can notice the big difference between the first version of FIFA ( as example) and the last one, the modeling has been improved significantly .

What are the factors that influence the model quality and make it looks like a real one?

The most important factor is the geometry modelling degree of details!

Let explain first that there are different types of modelling :

  • Constructive Solid geometry
  • Voxel
  • B-Rep
  • Meshing

To understand well here’s an illustration

Different types of modeling
Different types of modeling

Now look at the picture and compare the modelling with 15 000 polygons and the the other one with only 1000 Polygons, But, to not forget that much more polygons, much more required memory capacity of machine ( CPU/GPU calculation).

Degree of details for a geometry model

Virtual reality tools

There are many methods of navigation through virtual reality , such as :

Ray casting
Path drawing
Walking in place
Lean based velocity
Joy Pad/ Joy stick

you can walk, jump when you are just in your place!

Virtual reality methods

Many tools have been developped , each one is used according to its charateristics and use purposes, here bellow a useful list of virtual reality tools.



The workbench is characterized by

  • High resolution of modeling,
  • Limited field vision

It’s used mainly in:

  • Assembly visualisation
  • Objects manipulation
  • Task simulation


The cave is charaterized by

  • Having from 2 to 6 faces
  • Larger vision field

It’s used mainly in:

  • Task simulation
  • Environmental simulation
  • Project review
  • Modelisation



The wall is charaterized by:

  • High resolution
  • High quality of colors and shading

Mains uses are:

  • Esthetic assessment
  • Project review


The headstes are charactirezed by

  • Limited vision field
  • Low degree of resolution
  • 360° degree if tracking

The main uses  of Headset in virtual reality are:

  • Environmental simualtion
  • Task simulation

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