Product modeling languages

Having talked about product modeling in the last post, through this post I will explain some important engineering modelling languages.

Modeling languages is the link between computer programming languages and the prodcut or service;there’s a wide range of modelling languages, some of them are domain-specific, others are multi-domain, and some even universal and general-purpose.


let’s began with SysML which’s a general-purpose one.SysML supports systems and systems-of-systems specification, analysis, design, verification and validation . SysML is an extension of the software-centric Unified Modelling Language (UML), which has been declared as an ISO standard by the OMG (Object Management Group).


STEP model example

Differents CAD systems drive the need to create language to exchange geometrical models genarated by those CAD systems, STEP is one of the modelling languages which meet this need, in fact,STEP facilitates Model exchange rather than tool integration, which is why its development has been strongly driven by users of CAD systems.


The open, object-oriented description language Modelica is a highly innovative approach to integrated product modelling. Rather than focussing on the exchange of models, Modelica enables the complete description and mapping of the physical properties of a system, the integration of corresponding CAD models, and their dynamic simulation. Modelica is extensible by application-specific libraries, from which more than a hundred already exist.
Modelica has been standardized, and is fully documented. This has led to numerous academic open-source as well as commercial tools and environments

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